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SZJ series Punch safety light curtain Safety grating, cross-sectional area: 35*50mm
Category:Punch protection light curtain
  • Description
  • SZJ Series Press Safety Light Curtain Safety Grating, Photoelectric Protector

    The SZJ series of safety light curtains are extremely cost-effective and are the perfect solution for hazardous point protection and one-sided access protection, helping users to easily achieve safety protection from start to finish.
    The combination of safety and efficiency - the most practical
    In all industries, the cost-effective SZ series of safety light curtains guarantee the safety of personnel and machines and systems (such as those used in processing machines of various sizes).
    Typical application areas include:   
    ■ Machine tool industry
    ■ Press industry
    ■ Automotive industry
    ■ Fixture equipment
    ■ Handling and storage system
    ■ Welding equipment
    ■ Consumer goods and packaging industry
    ■ Regional protection
    ■ Test equipment
    ■ Food manufacturing
    ■ Electronic equipment industry
    ■ Thermoforming machine industry
    ■ Medical equipment industry
    ■ Robot manufacturing industry
    SZJ Series Enhanced Safety Light Curtain Safety Gratings - Technical Specifications Overview
    ■ Level 2 security protection
    ■ No blind zone / blind zone Optional
    ■ Resolution: 10/15/20/30/40/60 mm
    ■ Protection zone height: 60 mm to 2000 mm
    ■ Automatic range measurement of protection zone width up to 5m
    ■ Ambient operating temperature: –30°C to +65°C
    ■ Enclosure protection rating: IP 65
    ■ M12 aviation plug
    SZJ basic safety light curtain is widely used in various safety applications

    For extremely limited space: continuous protection zone
    The SZJ series of safety light curtains form a high-resolution continuous protection zone that covers the entire enclosure up to the end of the enclosure, minimizing the safety distance required for machine integration. In addition, the SZJ series safety light curtains have a protection area of up to 3 mm. As a result, the product allows distances above and below the safe area to be much smaller than existing safety standards. The SZJ series of safety light curtains also reduce the safety distance between the operator and the danger point, effectively increasing production efficiency.
    Sturdy casing: SZJ series safety light curtains are made of high-strength aluminum profiles, which ensure the safety light curtain is resistant to bending and impact.
    Power-on: No security is required without any setup, and work and troubleshooting are fast.
    Quick commissioning with LED indicators: The SZJ series of safety light curtains do not require pre-configuration to perform all basic functions and require no software to complete the commissioning process. In addition, some models are equipped with integrated LED indicators and diagnostics, which effectively reduces commissioning time.
    Plug-and-play maintenance and replacement: The SZJ Series Safety Light Curtains require quick maintenance without configuration or wiring. All products feature an exquisite bracket design and standardized M12-4 pin plug technology, simplifying the replacement process for each device. In addition, bright LEDs continuously provide status information for all processes.

    Safety light curtain installation instructions
    Note: The installation position refers to the position of the safety light curtain relative to the upper and lower die of the machine. That is, under the premise of ensuring the safety distance, the last light of the safety light curtain shall not be higher than the lower edge of the lower die, and the upper beam shall not be allowed. Below the upper edge of the upper die. This involves the safety light curtain protection height

    Calculation of safety distance
    In order to ensure the operator's personal safety, the installation position of the safety light curtain must meet the requirements of the safety distance. Otherwise, there is still the possibility of an accident.
    ■ Safety distance refers to the minimum distance between the light curtain and the cutting edge of the die. The calculation method should be calculated according to the formula of the brake method of the press, or refer to the following table.
    ■ For presses where the slider can be braked at any position of the stroke, the safety distance:
    Where: Ds - safety distance, in meters (m)
              1.6 - Stretching speed of the hand, in meters per second (m/s)
              T1 - response time of safety light curtain, 0.02 seconds (s)
              T2——The braking time of the equipment, that is, the time from the start of braking to the stop of the slider, in seconds (s), measured from the actual braking condition
    ■ For presses where the slider cannot be braked at any position of the stroke, the safety distance:
    Where: Ds - safety distance, in meters (m)
              1.6 - Stretching speed of the hand, in meters per second (m/s)
    Ts - the time from when the person leaves the light curtain (that is, the slider is allowed to start) until the device slider reaches the bottom dead center, that is, the down travel time of the slider, in seconds (s), can be calculated according to the following formula or actually measured:
    Where: N - the number of engagement slots of the clutch
              Tn - the time the crankshaft makes one revolution, in seconds (s)

    Product picture

    Light curtain type


    Section size

    35*50 mm

    Enclosure rating


    Supply voltage


    Response time


    Signal output


    Synchronization type

    Optical synchronization / line synchronization

    Number of beams


    Optical axis spacing


    Protection height


    Protection distance

    0.1-10 m or more (selection note)

    Light curtain form

    Opposite type

    Anti-interference ability


    Shape material

    Aluminum alloy

    Circuit protection

    Reverse protection / output short circuit protection

    Power consumption


    Operating temperature


    Ambient temperature


    Dielectric strength


    Insulation resistance

    >100 MΩ

    certified product

    CE  ROHS

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